3 Reasons to Begin a Career in the Pipeline Installation Industry

Are you looking for a new career? Perhaps one that offers competitive pay, opportunities for travel, and the chance to work with your hands? There’s a great option available that doesn’t even require a college degree. A career in the pipeline installation industry gives you the opportunity to earn a great income while installing high-strength forged products in pipelines around the world. According to WBOC TV, along the Gulf Coast alone, there will be more than one hundred projects over the next five years that require flanges, piping, and various pipe fittings. Below are three reasons why you should consider a career in the pipeline installation industry.

1. The Pay Is Good

Whether you’re a pipefitter, pipe layer, welder, or some other role in the pipeline industry, the pay is usually competitive. These jobs require skilled training. Individuals who have the skills to work with high-strength forged products are often compensated well for their time. Also, most are union jobs, so there’s a clear path and process for moving up to higher-paying positions over time. After several years of experience, you could be a veteran making six figures or more.

2. There’s Always Demand

Nearly every major construction project requires pipeline installation. From major roadwork to oil and energy projects to the construction of large buildings, there’s always demand for those who can work with high-strength forged products. If you want to stay local, you should be able to find plenty of work in your area. If not, you can travel the world and find work in your next desired location. It’s completely up to you.

3. You Can Travel The World

Perhaps the best part about a job in the pipeline installation industry is that you can go where the work is. You can travel all over the country and even to different parts of the world. If you learn how to work underwater, you can expand your list of possible work locations even further. Many workers in the industry work one job and then take some time off before scheduling their next one. It’s a great way to travel and save money.

Contact a trade school near you today to learn about their pipeline installation training programs. Many offer courses to learn about high-strength forged products. Then, when it comes time to start working, you can rely on Lynco Flange & Fitting to provide you with the best supplies in the industry.

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