Forged Steel Fittings

Forged Steel Fittings

At Lynco Flange, we also carry a full range of forged steel fittings and unions. We serve virtually every industry where pressure, temperature, erosive or corrosive conditions call for the use of reliable, high-strength forged products.

We are able to offer forged steel fittings that comply with ANSI B16.11 and are characterized by dimensional accuracy, uniform wall thickness and carefully machined internal surfaces.

As with all the products that Lynco provides, all fittings are clearly and permanently marked and traceable to the original heat lot.  And thanks to our partnership with MetalTrace, you can access your certified metallurgical reports (MTR) containing complete data on physical and chemical properties at any time.

Forged Steel Fittings provide a simplified solution for assembly of piping systems in sizes 4” and smaller.  Forged Steel Fittings offers greater latitude in laying out of compact piping systems or nesting lines in confined areas. 

We know that it’s important that screwed fittings have clean, precision-machined threads to assure tight joints and ease of installation. Screwed fittings offer the flexibility and simplicity of a threaded connection in the assembly and disassembly of piping joints.

We carry a wide variety including:


Socket Weld/Threaded Fittings


Plugs & Bushings


Couplings Reducers & Caps


Reducer Inserts




And more!

To learn more about our different products or for more information on pipe flanges, contact Lynco Flange & Fitting today.

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