Weld Fittings

Our weld fittings are available in various dimensions, material grades, and shapes, servicing jobs of any type and customers of any size.

High-Quality Pipe Fittings You Can Rely On

Flanges connect equipment (pipes, valves, pumps, etc.) to form piping systems.  Lynco Flange & Fitting carries a wide variety of only the highest-quality flanges to meet the demanding needs of your organization.

Pipe fittings are necessary for adding strength to an assembly, mechanical part, or structure. They also cover, close, connect, and support plumbing systems ranging from the most basic systems to complex industrial networks.

Pipe Fittings For All Types Of Applications

Pipe fittings can be used to connect systems in a variety of industries and applications. This is because flange fittings have a broad range of standards, which makes them great for custom engineering.

Some of the most common applications for pipe fittings include:


Vessels, pumps, and valves in manufacturing


Fire protection systems


Vessels, pumps, and valves in food processing


Pipe connections and coverings in industrial waterworks


Nuclear power systems


Mining support


Heating systems and heat exchangers of multiple sizes


Assemblies in petrochemical, gas, and oil industries


Mechanical systems


Plumbing systems

Material Grades & Performance You Can Trust

Lynco Flange & Fitting provides pipe fittings in a wide range of material grades for a custom performance you can trust. Our fittings are developed to maintain consistency in many different applications and industries, and each material grade has its own benefits.

Carbon steel pipe fittings are the most popular type of fitting followed by stainless steel flange fittings.

Titanium pipe fittings are optimal for high strength and low weight. Aluminum flanges are best for lightweight applications. An exotic alloy such as Hastalloy and Inconel is best for a high corrosion, high temperature, specialty application.

To learn more about the different pipe fitting products Lynco Flange & Fitting has to offer, contact us today.

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