Blind Pipe Flanges You Can Count On

Lynco Flange & Fitting provides blind pipe flanges to seal the end of pressure vessel openings and piping systems when necessary. Our high-quality blind pipe flanges can also be used for testing the flow of liquid or gas through vessels and pipes.

Blind pipe flanges make it easy to access pipes when work needs to be done inside the system, and they’re essential for high-pressure applications. Lynco Flange & Fitting provides these connections in all material grades, sizes, and specifications.

Blind Pipe Flanges For A Variety Of Applications

Blind pipe flanges are often used for liquid and gas flow testing and come available through their specific range of ½” to 96″ in all material grades and sizes. You can use the blind pipe flanges Lynco Flange & Fitting has to offer to blank off pipe ends, pressure vessel openings, and valves.

You can safely use our blind pipe flanges in high-stress settings, too, because most of the stress is diverted to center bending. Blind pipe flanges typically have a flat face, raised face provisions, or RTJ facing.

When the flange has a raised face, the standard height is 1/16″ for blind pipe flanges under 400#. Blind pipe flanges that are 400# and up, the raised face height is ¼”.

Lynco Flange & Fitting Has The Blind Pipe Flanges You Need

At Lynco Flange & Fitting, we understand how important it is to have materials that meet your needs. That’s why we provide blind pipe flanges in all steel material grades including stainless steel blind pipe flanges, carbon blind pipe flanges, and alloy blind pipe flanges.

We also have many different types of blind pipe flanges that are in stock and ready to ship when you need them most. To learn more about our different products or for more information on blind pipe flanges, contact Lynco Flange & Fitting today.

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