How to Make Oil Pipelines Safer

As piping systems age, they become an environmental threat if not properly maintained. According to the US Department of Commerce, pipeline corrosion costs the United States economy about $9 billion (about $28 per person in the US) annually. Here are some ways a pipeline can be made safer.

Pipeline Deterioration

The absolute best way to get ahead of problems with an older pipeline is through prevention. Preventive activities can extend the life of the pipeline and significantly reduce the risk of failure. Choosing parts that are machined to perfection from high-quality materials is one of the best ways to protect an older pipeline.

1. Inspections and Monitoring

Old piping systems need more attention; they must be monitored and inspected more frequently. A comprehensive inspection plan using state-of-the-art technologies like fly-over drones can help with early interventions. Consistent inspections can reveal potential problem areas.

2. Corrosion Control Program

Corrosion can be like a cancer to older piping systems. One of the best ways to ensure corrosion does not spread is to stop it in its tracks by replacing parts like flanges and connectors with corrosion-resistant parts. Preventive maintenance strategies like replacing parts that are risky before they fail can extend the life of a pipeline and reduce risk.

3. Check Weld Fittings

In addition to an overall comprehensive inspection plan, the need for weld fittings should be checked in between regular inspections. Weld fittings can be used strategically to address any potential leak points. Pressure changes in older piping systems can also be addressed with weld fittings. They are practical solutions for localized repairs.

4. Invest in Flanges

High-quality flanges can be the aging pipelines’ best ally. Robust, high-quality flanges can improve the structural integrity of the pipeline. Aging pipelines are more prone to deterioration from natural expansion and contraction; flanges can help the pipeline adapt to these changes. Upgrading a pipeline with high-quality flanges ensures a safe seal.

Older pipe systems need special care and attention, but they can still get the job done. Upgrading the pipeline in small increments can make the project more affordable. Using high-quality parts to affect those upgrades will ensure years of reliable performance. Learn more about the pipeline parts that will make the upgrade project easier. Call or fill out a form with Lynco Flang & Fitting today for a free quote.

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