Pipe Flanges Are An Important Part of Any Energy Pipeline

Pipe flanges have the simple task of connecting valves, pumps, pipes, and other parts to piping systems. Pipe flanges create an easy access area for inspections, cleanings, and modifications when necessary.

It is a small part that can make a big difference in your pipework. Pipe flanges are a popular part of the gulf region. It is estimated that over the next 5 years or so there will be over 100 projects that require pipe flanges.

Types of Flanges

The most common type of flanges used in the energy industry are long neck weld flanges (special flange), slip-on flanges, bolted flanges, and threaded flanges largely depending on the project and whether or not the flange will be used as an access point or an easy modification point.

Standard Dimensions

Pipe flanges come in different dimensions but they are standardized for easy reference. For example, if an engineer in Korea designs a pipeline for use in America, the right supplier would easily be able to cross-reference flange sizes.

Flange Material

Pipe flanges can be made of a range of materials including stainless steel flange fittings, carbon steel pipe fittings, and more. The application will determine what the best material is for your project. In almost every case the flange will be crafted from the same material that the pipe it is connecting to is.

The Most Important Trait

The flange is a small part with an important job. It is imperative that you choose a trusted supplier to get your parts from. The right quality will make a difference in the longevity of the flange and the reliability.

A trusted supplier will have the flanges, and other parts in stock and ready to ship for all your piping projects, and most importantly they will only deal in quality parts, and supplies. You never want to risk your project to sub-par parts.

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