Flanges connect equipment (pipes, valves, pumps, etc.) to form piping systems. Lynco Flange & Fitting carries a wide variety of only the highest-quality flanges to meet the demanding needs of your organization.

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Weld Fittings

Our weld fittings are available in various dimensions, material grades, and shapes, servicing jobs of any type and customers of any size.

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Forged Steel Fittings

Forged Steel Fittings At Lynco Flange, we also carry a full range of forged steel fittings and unions. We serve virtually every industry where pressure, temperature, erosive or corrosive conditions call for the use of reliable, high-strength forged products. We are able to offer forged steel fittings that comply with ANSI B16.11 and are characterized […]

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When you need high-quality pipe materials for your industrial project, Lynco Flangeā€™s impressive inventory will ensure your project is both efficient and compliant.

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Long Weld Necks

Long weld neck connections are the lightest and most economical of standard connections offered where a minimum of reinforcing area is required. Lynco Flange & Fitting is proud to offer a wide array of long weld neck products in our catalog.

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Custom Products

We’re able to provide many of our customers completely custom solutions for their most challenging project demands.

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