The Hidden Dangers of Piping Systems

Although pipeline systems remain the most cost-effective and efficient way of transporting oil and natural gas, they still carry some risks. Some risks associated with pipeline systems are not always clear. So, in this article, we explore the topic in detail while also touching on the benefits of high-strength forged products for pipeline installation and safety.

Environmental Dangers

Pipeline systems can have a negative impact on the environment. For instance, if a pipeline transport oil were to burst, this would cause significant contamination of the surrounding environment. The ecosystems living in the area will also be badly affected. For instance, according to the Watershed Council, contamination of the environment affects waterfowl populations negatively. When these birds become coated in the oil, they ingest the oil while grooming themselves, which damages their internal organs.

Safety Risks of Pipeline Systems

Pipelines systems are also associated with other risks such as injuries or fatalities to people and property damage. The risk associated with pipeline systems can increase exponentially, the bigger the size of the pipe and the more dangerous the product being transported. In addition, the pressure in the pipe is also a contributing factor.

For instance, according to the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, when natural gas is first transported via transmission lines, it can travel through pressures as high as 1500 pounds per square inch (psi). However, by the time the product reaches the household piping system, the pressure would have significantly reduced to below 0.25 psi. This pressure is harmless as it’s comparable to the pressure used by children to blow bubbles into milk using a straw. That said, you can only imagine the disastrous event that would follow if the pipeline were not created using high-strength forged products.

How Do High-Strength Forged Products Benefit Pipeline System Safety?

While pipeline systems have their benefits, the dangers associated with these transportation systems should never be overlooked. Instead, extra care should be exercised, especially in the construction of these pipeline systems. The importance of using high-quality components cannot be overemphasized.

For instance, the use of high-strength forged products is crucial to ensure those pipeline systems have the required level of structural integrity. If you’re looking for a supplier of high-strength forged products for your pipeline systems get in touch with Lynco Flange & Fitting today. We understand the stakes are high so you can be sure to rely on the strength of our quality products

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