The Importance of Long Weld Neck Nozzles in the Oil and Gas Industry

According to the US Department of Transportation, the United States maintains approximately 2 million miles of natural gas distribution mains and pipelines, 321,000 miles of gas transmission and gathering pipelines, and 175,000 miles of hazardous liquid pipeline. Additionally, there are over 114 active liquid natural gas plants connected to the transportation and distribution systems.

The Long Weld Neck Nozzle

A critical component in the pipeline infrastructure is the long weld neck flange or nozzle. Industrial long weld neck flanges are similar to weld neck flanges, only with an extended neck that acts as a boring extension. These pipe fittings typically have square cuts at the ends. They are often used in high-temperature and high-pressure industrial environments.

The Long Weld Neck Nozzle Dimensions

Long weld neck flanges are typically used in ASME-pressure vessel applications, covered under the ASME B16.5 standard. While inspecting the long weld neck nozzle dimensions, you may need to know the length of the hub, bolt hole and bolt circle diameter, inner and outer diameter of the body, and straightness and alignment of the bolt hole.

The flanges may come in more common lengths of 9”, 12”, and 16”. Typically, the larger the nominal size and pressure class flange requested, the longer the long weld neck nozzle you will need. The heavy barrel-type flanges offer a thicker neck for higher pressure and temperature applications. The ASME B16.5 covers from pipe size 1/2“ to 24” while ASME B16.47 covers 26” to 60”. You can come up with custom long weld neck nozzle dimensions that fit your specific application. Here are the benefits of long weld neck nozzles:

1. Excellent for High Pressure and Temperature Applications

The piping systems in the oil and gas industry transport colossal amounts of liquid across great distances. You may need to create a piping system that can withstand the pressure of the fast-flowing fluid. Additionally, you may have to factor in the cold and hot environments across which the pipes run. The long weld neck nozzle dimensions provide the flange with an excellent design that can withstand constant pressure and temperature changes as the liquid petroleum products flow through the pipes.

2. Guaranteed Smooth Flow

The long weld neck nozzle dimensions stipulate a similar bore size for the flange. As such, the flow of the high-pressure liquid is not impeded. Reducing the risk of turbulence in the pipes can help manage issues with mechanical erosion on joints.

3. Extremely Strong and Reliable

Long weld neck nozzle dimensions incorporate a tapered hub that gradually increases in thickness from the weld to the face of the flange. This design allows the pressure from the liquid flowing to be transferred to the pipe and not the welded fittings. It reduces the stress on the fitting.

Flanges are critical parts of any oil and gas industry infrastructure. Knowing the right long weld neck nozzle dimensions can help you identify pipe fittings ideal for your project.

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