The Right Pipes and Support for Your Business

If you own a business, you will probably need better plumbing and support plumbing systems than a residential home. You may have to transfer fluids or gases, which means that you will need a more durable type of piping, as well as commercial grade flanges and fittings. In fact, each year in the United States, pipeline corrosion costs Americans more than $9 billion, so you need to choose the right kind of piping and support for your project. Here’s what you should know.

If your business does not need plumbing fixtures, then you will be installing a piping system called process piping. Process piping in piping systems is simply pipes that will carry liquids or gas and need to meet health and safety regulations. Process piping is used in numerous industries, including gas and oil, construction, power and energy, and processing plants.

The type of pipes you will need will depend on your industry. Seamless steel piping is typically used for gas and oil. Some processing plants require glass or ceramic piping. Usually, water can be transported in plastic piping. Electrolysis, deposits, water pH, erosion, temperature, bacteria, and pressure can cause corrosion in all types of piping, so you should choose the right type for your industry.

Process plumbing is a network of pipes and valves that requires support plumbing systems. Support plumbing systems transfer the weight of a pipe to a support structure. The weight of a pipe is affected by what material the pipe is made from, what type of fittings are on it, whether or not the pipe is insulated, and what is going through the pipes. Pipes can be subjected to both internal and exterior pressure, as well, which adds to the weight and the pipes ability to remain stable.

Plumbing support systems can be especially important if piping systems are exposed to the elements, including wind, earthquakes, or water. Thermal expansion, steam, liquid and gas flow, and safety valve discharge can all affect piping and support, as well.

You can choose from different types of support systems depending on your piping. Variable spring support is best for floor support. Rigid will stop movement in one direction, while a rigid hanger will stop the movement of piping in all directions. An anchor can stop movement in rotational directions. Axial restraint is used for horizontal piping, and lateral restraint stops movement that’s perpendicular to the pipe. A sway brace has a variable spring. If you need to allow some movement, you can choose from limit stop, mechanical or hydraulic snubbers.

No matter what your business is, you may need process piping and a support system. Be sure to choose the right types to avoid problems down the road.

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