The Three Most Popular Types of Branch Connections

Branch connections provide a connection from a larger pipe to a smaller sized pipe or a pipe of the same size. Since the first pipeline was constructed in 1862 in Pennsylvania, the search for the best connectors has been on. Olets or branch connections come in a wide range of sizes, classes, and bores. Choosing the right type of branch connections is vital to the safety of your pipeline.

One of the best ways to ensure you are getting the high-quality branch connections your operation needs is to turn to a trusted supplier that carries a wide range of fittings, flanges, high-strength forged products especially for the liquid and gas flow pipelines.

Type of Branch Connections

Each type of branch connectors deliver a specific benefit to your piping needs. Understanding what each option has to offer can help you to make informed decisions about your piping systems. Here are there three most common branch connections:

  • Sockolets
  • Weldolet
  • Threadolet

Of the three above the Weldolet is most popular. This type of branch connector is welded to the outlet pipe. It is a butt weld because the end of the branch connections is beveled. They deliver a reliable connection that is engineered to provide a great deal of reinforcement and minimize connection stress.

Sockolets are very similar to Weldolets in that they are also welded to the pipe. Sockolets are actually socket fittings. These fittings are used on lower pressure pipe connections.

Threadolets are also a popular option that is typically used for low-pressure piping systems. As the name suggests these fittings are not welded, they are threaded. They are often used for 90-degree angle connections.

What Is Best for Your Piping System Needs?

Each of the branch connections is designed for a specific job. The right supplier will ensure that you get the connections that you need to have a reliable piping system that you want. High quality, durable, pipeline supplies can help to reduce the need for maintenance and repairs. Of course, high-quality branch connections and other supplies also can reduce risk.

We have the branch connections that the oil and gas industry depend on for reliable connections that are durable and long-lasting. We are always happy to answer questions if you want to know more about our branch connections options contact us today.

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