Why Your Petrochemical Company Needs Quality Long Weld Necks

Petrochemical companies need reliable connections in their systems to create high-quality products. Among the items petrochemical companies may consider when trying to form those connections are long weld neck flanges. But should petrochemical companies rely on those long weld necks? Come up with an answer to that question after reviewing the information below.

Long Weld Necks Boast Remarkable Durability

Let’s first highlight the makeup of long weld neck flanges so we can better understand their value. Long weld neck flanges are forged components. Forged components feature a 37% higher fatigue strength compared to alternative parts. That 37% higher fatigue strength translates to increased durability.

When you set a long weld neck flange in place, you can count on it to stay in good condition for a long time. That happens because it can handle erosion better than similar components. Even consistent exposure to high pressure will not be enough to wear down a long weld neck flange quickly. Petrochemical companies that want to maximize their inventory should utilize long weld necks more often.

Long Weld Necks Help Reduce Liquid Pressure Inside Connections

The entry above mentioned that long weld neck flanges work well in high-pressure environments. That’s due in large part to their composition. However, you must understand that these flanges can do more than just survive high pressure. They can even help a system operate better when subjected to those environments.

Once the long weld necks are in place, they maintain proper liquid flow within a connection. They will also prevent the buildup of pressure. As a result, petrochemical companies won’t have to worry as much about pressure-related concerns if they start using long weld neck flanges.

Long Weld Necks Can Be Customized

Petrochemical companies should also be more interested in using long weld necks because they can be made to order. Why is the ability to customize your connections helpful? By customizing your long weld necks, you can match them up better with your existing systems. A custom long weld neck is ideally suited for reducing pressure wherever it is installed. Using a long weld neck flange also makes installation easier. You can closely examine your system and determine what kind of flange it needs to make installation a breeze.

Using long weld necks is something petrochemical companies should strongly consider. The benefits they provide can greatly aid in improving a petrochemical company’s operations. The company and its partners will be pleased by the results those long weld neck flanges deliver. Get in touch with us today if you’re looking to purchase long weld necks! Lynco Flange & Fitting provides specialized and standard connection types and components for many different applications so you can find the long weld neck flange fittings that work for you and your business.

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