3 Safety Precautions to Take When Working in the Piping Industry

If you work with fitting distributors in your profession, you understand the importance of safety precautions when working in the piping industry. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, miles of pipelines in the U.S. have caused nearly 300 explosions. This statistic illustrates the importance of safety when working in the piping industry. Let’s take a closer look at some important precautions.

1. Create a Company Culture Based on Safety

When an employee knows that safety is an important part of company culture, they’ll be more inclined to follow all safety precautions. Without this culture, safety standards could quickly fall by the wayside. By providing ongoing training and improvements, you’re signaling to your team that safety comes first on any worksite, no matter how straightforward the project might seem.

2. Follow Correct Excavation Procedures

One of the most hazardous situations on a job site is pipeline excavation. When your team is working on an excavation, it’s important that they’re familiar with all the safety precautions and that they follow them exactly. This commitment can be instilled through education and training. Without a deep knowledge of the precautions and why they’re in place, it’s more difficult for an employee to follow them. Set your team up for safety success by providing them with the skills they need to get the job done right.

3. Require On-Site Personal Protective Equipment

There are many injuries that can occur when PPE isn’t used properly. Think of how many eye injuries could have been avoided by the simple act of wearing protective goggles. It’s important for any company operating in the piping industry to follow all safety regulations. This includes providing employees with appropriate PPE. This equipment also requires training on how to use and wear it properly. Once your team has received their PPE and is fully trained on its use, it’s incumbent for company leadership to require that it’s always used on each job site.

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