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5 Different Types of Pipeline Fittings

Fittings play an essential role in the oil and gas pipeline industry. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 2.6 million miles of pipelines are responsible for transporting trillions of cubic feet and hundreds of billions of ton/miles of liquid petroleum annually. If you’re looking for the right carbon steel pipe fitting, here […]

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Signs Your Industrial Piping May Need Repair

Industrial piping is a complex and delicate system, especially when it’s not made for water. Oil and gas pipelines are more prone to issues, due to the materials contained within them. The United States has suffered 3,200-plus serious gas pipeline leaks since 1987, according to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. With this in […]

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5 Reasons to Work in the Pipeline Industry

If you’re interested in a career in the pipeline industry, you’re not alone. Check out these five great benefits of pursuing a career in the pipeline industry. 1. Good Pay Just because you don’t choose your career solely based on pay doesn’t mean it’s not important. You want a career that pays a comfortable living […]

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installing a piping system

The Science of a Piping System

Piping systems are more complex than you might think, especially if they carry certain liquids. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, about 64% of pipeline incidents are a result of hazardous liquid pipelines. This fact emphasizes the importance of a well-functioning piping system. Let’s break down the science of piping systems and how they’re […]

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piping system

What Are The Benefits of a Piping System?

A good piping system is essential for the efficient and safe transportation of oil and gas. The benefits of such a system are numerous and can greatly improve the overall operation of an oil and gas facility. Here are a few of the many reasons why a strong piping system is so important. Efficiency One […]

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piping systems

Here’s How Your Household Piping System Works

When it comes to household piping systems, understanding their function is key to keeping your home and family safe. Every home’s system is slightly different, but they all share some common components. Here’s a look at the basics of how your home plumbing works. 1. Pipeline Pressure Reduction According to the Interstate Natural Gas Association […]

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3 Reasons to Begin a Career in the Pipeline Installation Industry

Are you looking for a new career? Perhaps one that offers competitive pay, opportunities for travel, and the chance to work with your hands? There’s a great option available that doesn’t even require a college degree. A career in the pipeline installation industry gives you the opportunity to earn a great income while installing high-strength […]

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Top Safety Measures to Follow When Working With Pipelines

Working with pipelines can be quite dangerous. You’re operating heavy equipment, moving different parts, and navigating a worksite that requires a sharp mind. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, a pipeline catches fire every four days. As such, the people in these industries must follow safety regulations to prevent injuries and death. Here are […]

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The Mechanics of a Piping System & How Each Piece Works

Piping systems are an important part of any process plant or industrial facility. Typical piping systems involve an array of different components. Continue reading to discover how each piece works. Pipe Fittings Pipe fittings are used in piping systems to connect straight pipe or tubing sections, to adapt to different sizes or shapes, and for […]

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3 Reasons Investing in Pipelines Can Help Your Company

The history of pipelines dates back centuries, and they’ve evolved over the years. Today, pipelines are more efficient and safer than ever before. Here are three reasons why investing in pipelines is a wise decision. 1. They’re Essential Piping systems are an essential part of the oil and gas industry, and play a vital role […]

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