Why Your Petrochemical Company Needs Quality Long Weld Necks

Petrochemical companies need reliable connections in their systems to create high-quality products. Among the items petrochemical companies may consider when trying to form those connections are long weld neck flanges. But should petrochemical companies rely on those long weld necks? Come up with an answer to that question after reviewing the information below. Long Weld […]

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branch connections

What Kind of Branch Connection Is Right for Your Business?

Branch connections are often used to connect pipes to allow the distribution of liquids or gas in different directions. Designing a single line for every piece of equipment that uses the same fluid is challenging and expensive. Branch connections reduce the need for many materials and create a decent distribution. However, there are different types […]

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weld fittings

Here’s Why You Need to Choose High-Quality Weld Fittings for Your Systems

High-quality weld fittings play a fundamental role in industrial piping systems. They offer a leak-proof connection that can resist high temperatures and pressures. When working for oil and gas companies, a leak can lead to catastrophic circumstances. You need quality weld fittings to make sure all your connections are secure to avoid workplace accidents. Below […]

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pipe fittings

5 Reasons to Work With a Globally Renowned Fitting Company

Pipe fittings are critical components in any plumbing system, and working with an expert fitting company ensures that you’re getting the highest quality fittings available. Here are some reasons to work with a globally renowned fitting company. 1. Better Safety The United States has suffered over 3,200 serious gas pipeline leaks since 1987, according to […]

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forged steel fittings

Here’s Why Pipelines Are Important

Most people only hear of pipelines and forged steel fittings on the news. They might not realize how important they are in the world of energy and engineering. Pipes, fittings, and related materials transport water, gas, oil, and other materials throughout the nation. But, why are they so vital? Below are some of the many […]

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interruptions in flow

How Pipelines Affect the U.S. Economy

Pipelines are responsible for significant economic output in the United States economy. The volume at which pipelines produce would surprise most. To put it into perspective, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, it would take about 750 tanker trucks per day, loading up and moving out about once every two minutes, 24 hours a […]

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flange distributors

How Do Distributors Fit Into Piping?

Flanges are vital to the success of the piping industry. They are designed to strengthen and evenly distribute the weight of a load. They bind and support piping systems so that they are modifiable and easy to manage. According to WBOC, more than 100 major projects requiring flanges, piping, and various pipe fittings are planned […]

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3 Different Types of Olets

If you’re in the market for forged parts, you may have come across the term “olets.” Curious about what they are and how they can be used? Olets are a type of forged fitting that is used to connect pipes or other types of tubing to a pipe or other types of fitting. According to […]

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carbon steel pipe fitting

5 Different Types of Pipeline Fittings

Fittings play an essential role in the oil and gas pipeline industry. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 2.6 million miles of pipelines are responsible for transporting trillions of cubic feet and hundreds of billions of ton/miles of liquid petroleum annually. If you’re looking for the right carbon steel pipe fitting, here […]

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Signs Your Industrial Piping May Need Repair

Industrial piping is a complex and delicate system, especially when it’s not made for water. Oil and gas pipelines are more prone to issues, due to the materials contained within them. The United States has suffered 3,200-plus serious gas pipeline leaks since 1987, according to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. With this in […]

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