Does It Matter Where You Get Your Industrial Long Weld Neck Flanges?

Time is money. That saying is never any truer than when it is applied to installing a piping system for liquid and gas flow. The right industrial long weld neck flanges may seem like a small part of the “time is money” equation. That is, until they fail.

It’s vital to obtain the highest quality in industrial long weld neck flanges from a distributor who understands how one part can make a big difference. Delays or interruptions in flow due to shoddy quality long weld neck flanges cannot be tolerated. Because time is money.

On Time Delivery

Is there anything more frustrating than watching your crew stand around with their hands in their pockets because supplies have not shown up to make repairs or to connect that pipeline? You are literally throwing money right out the window when productivity stops because of a parts delivery that did not show up as promised.

The fact is that it happens all the time. There are about 100 pipeline projects planned in the Gulf region over the next five years. All of those projects will involve ordering high-strength forged products, including industrial long weld neck flanges. The demand will only increase missed delivery deadlines unless you can connect with a distributor that can easily meet the demand without reducing the quality of the supplies.

Quality Always Matters

Why do pipelines fail? A large percentage of failures are directly related to material failure. Every piece of the line needs to be of the best quality to ensure there are no costly interruptions in flow. From industrial long weld neck flanges to all of your other pipe fittings, every part should come from a trusted source that stands behind the quality of their parts and supplies.

You have a lot riding on your piping systems. Cutting corners or working with a distributor that does not specialize in the fittings you need will put your project at tremendous risk. Wasting time with the wrong distributor is akin to throwing money away.

The right distributor keeps your project within budget and helps you to reduce the risk of failures. Connect with the distributor that prides itself on delivering high-quality parts and supplies for your pipeline to enjoy all the benefits that a trusted parts partner can deliver.

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