Setting Your Pipeline Up For Success

There are a few things that will ensure success when installing a piping system. Using high-quality parts likes thredolets from a well-known distributor that is committed to quality, the planning of the piping system, and of course, the skill set of the pipe fitters.

If one part of the recipe for success is missing, you can expect interruptions in flow, added costs, and in some cases total failure.

Reliability and Your Distributor

In the oil and gas industry there is zero room for error. Use low-quality branch connections or imperfect Thredolets and you are not only risking a lot of investment, but also your firm’s reputation. Error when it comes to choosing the wrong distributor is the cause behind the most frequent breakdowns.

When you are choosing a fitting distributor you have to choose the one that brings these qualities to the table:

  • A commitment to on-time delivery. If you want to watch your project sit in limbo all you need to do is depend on the wrong distributor. Waiting for parts is simply not an option. Choose the distributor that can deliver when you need it.
  • A wide selection of high-quality fittings. Thredolets, connectors, stainless steel flange fittings, standard dimensions, and custom options, should all be on their inventory list. They have the parts you need in stock ready to ship.
  • Quality parts. The right distributor understands the importance of the role that they play in the success of your project and they take that role seriously.

The Real Cost

It is estimated that pipeline failure comes with a cost of about 9 billion dollars a year. What is the most frequent cause of failure? Shoddy parts. Ensuring your pipeline does not become one of the statistics can be as simple as starting with the right parts that are built to last.

If you settle for a poor performing distributor you are setting yourself up for failure. The fact is you do have options, and you can connect with a distributor that brings real value to your project.

Accepting less than the absolute best from your distributor will delay your project and cause problems down the road. Why would you when you don’t have to? Connect with the pipe fitting distributor that has the Thredolets and other parts that you need to ensure high performance and reliability. Call us at Lynco Flange & Fitting at 713-690-0040 if you need a hand, and we’ll get you up and running in no time!

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