Here's How City Pipes Operate

It’s easy to take for granted the many systems and infrastructure in our communities that make our lives run more easily every day. For instance, the piping system and water systems that run under most cities are rarely given a second thought, until there’s a problem. Let’s learn more about how city pipes work.

Water Services

Municipal water services differ tremendously from septic tanks. One of the biggest differences is where the systems start. A municipal sewer system starts at a source, usually a lake, river, or underground aquifer. These water sources are all fed by precipitation. The water then travels through pipe systems to a treatment plant. Here, impurities are removed so that the water is safe for consumption. After the treatment plant, pipes come into play again, as the water is pumped through the system of underground pipes. These pipes are connected throughout the area and ultimately wind up at your home. Outside your home will be a city water main. This is a very important pipe that brings water to your house and the houses of your neighbors.

Under Pressure

In order for this pipe system to work properly, the water must be put under pressure. The pressure allows the water to move quickly and efficiently throughout the area and reach its destination. Once the water reaches your service pipes at your address, it will pass through a meter. This reads the amount of water that is passing through. This information is then used to determine your water bill.

Moving Water Out

The piping system in a city is not only used to move water to your home but it’s also used to move waste water away from your home. This is a very important part of a community’s infrastructure. In fact, it could be argued that this is one of the most important parts of infrastructure for any municipal area. Waste water must be handled very carefully and very consistently in order to keep residents healthy. Without proper wastewater management, communities would see huge outbreaks of diseases and viruses as was the case in the past before the invention of adequate sewage systems. Pipes are used to move sewage away from the home to treatment facilities where it can be processed safely.

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