5 Ways to Use Blind Pipe in Your Project

If you work in the oil or shipping industry, you may be familiar with a blind pipe. This type of piping can seal off a section of a piping system or vessel. You may have also heard the words blanking or spectacle blind pipe used to refer to this type of piping. Let’s take a look at five ways you can use blind pipe in your project.

1. Protection

A pipe or ship may easily be exposed to the elements. If you’re running oil from Alaska, you need to worry about pipe freezing during those cold winters. A blanking pipe can seal off a section that’s exposed to anything corrosive or hazardous, such as acid rain, extreme weather, cold, or chemicals. Doing so helps to expand the life cycle of your vessel.

2. Testing

You may need to test your piping system. Install the blind pipe between two flanges to isolate whatever section you need in order to test the pressure or leakage ability. Doing so allows you to successfully perform a test without affecting the rest of the system.

3. Diversion

Sometimes, you may need to divert the flow of the gases or liquids that are going through your pipe. You can use this type of pipe to redirect such flows to another branch of the piping system. You can also redirect it to another vessel to improve efficiency.

4. Repairs and Maintenance

Of course, repairs and ongoing maintenance are a part of life when you’re working with a ship or piping network. A blanking pipe allows you to shut off any section in need of such repairs or maintenance. Being able to do so allows you to keep the system functioning as needed while avoiding accidents or damage.

5. Temperature Control

Temperature control is a major part of keeping your piping system or vessel up to date. If it develops over or under-pressure problems, it could damage the vessel and cause other issues. 50 million barrels of crude oil flow through Oklahoma’s pipeline daily, according to Energy HQ, so imagine what would happen if it overheated. Let blind pipe regulate the pressure or temperature of the substance flowing throughout.

These are some of the main ways to use blind pipe to your advantage. You can protect any ship or piping system you’re working on, regulate the temperature, prevent damage, and so on. When you need the highest-quality piping materials for your project, Lynco Flange & Fitting is the name you can trust. Contact us today to learn more!

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