Here's Why Pipelines Are Important

Most people only hear of pipelines and forged steel fittings on the news. They might not realize how important they are in the world of energy and engineering. Pipes, fittings, and related materials transport water, gas, oil, and other materials throughout the nation. But, why are they so vital? Below are some of the many reasons pipelines are important, and why it’s essential to use the best parts.

Transports Crude Oil

Crude oil is a precious and finite resource. The U.S. relies heavily on this fuel to power its cars, provide heating and electricity in homes, and fuel other industries. Without pipelines, this oil would have to be shipped in tanker trucks and rail cars that can only carry so much at once. Pipelines allow the oil to be transported quickly and efficiently, ensuring it goes where it needs to go.

Transports Natural Gas

Natural gas is another important resource for the U.S., used to power appliances and homes, as well as generate electricity. Pipelines are crucial in ensuring that natural gas is transported safely, quickly, and efficiently to where it is needed. Forged steel fittings help ensure that the pipelines are strong and durable so they don’t suffer damage while transporting this valuable resource.

Provides Jobs

Did you know that pipeline pressure is monitored around the clock on a daily basis? Many jobs are associated with the construction and maintenance of pipelines, meaning they provide a source of employment to millions of people. Jobs like engineers, laborers, and welders are all essential to the pipeline industry, making it a huge part of the American economy.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Without pipelines, crude oil and natural gas would have to be translated using trucks, trains, and other methods that emit large amounts of carbon. This mode of transportation would require large amounts of fuel to complete the transportation process, resulting in an increased carbon footprint. Pipelines are much more efficient, requiring less fuel to complete the process and thus reducing the environment’s carbon footprint.

Pipelines are an important part of the energy industry, and with forged steel fittings, pipelines are strong and long-lasting. These parts are essential to make sure that resources are transported safely and efficiently, while also providing employment opportunities and reducing the carbon footprint. If you’re interested in learning more about the best products to supply pipeline projects, get in touch with us today at Lynco Flange & Fitting.

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