How Pipelines Affect the U.S. Economy

Pipelines are responsible for significant economic output in the United States economy. The volume at which pipelines produce would surprise most. To put it into perspective, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, it would take about 750 tanker trucks per day, loading up and moving out about once every two minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to move the volume of the smallest pipeline. An industry producing this much will greatly impact the United States economy. Here’s how the pipeline industry helps to keep the cost of common consumer goods low, provides jobs for the working class in America, and ensures that airlines are able to operate efficiently.

Keeps Prices Low

Pipelines help to keep the cost of consumer goods low. When resources like natural gas and heating oil are available and easy to obtain, distributors can offer their products to consumers more easily. The supply chain functions seamlessly when pipelines operate and offer the cost-effective transport of goods nationwide. Interruptions in flow would hinder the pipeline industry, and industries in all corners of the country would suffer. For example, trucks cannot deliver goods to stores without fuel. The materials that pipelines provide are essential to the functionality of our nation’s economy.

Provides Jobs

Pipelines offer jobs to countless Americans that would not otherwise have been available, impacting our economy for the better. If everyone has an opportunity to contribute to society and earn an income, then they will also be able to contribute to the economy. It is better for the natural ebb and flow of the United States economy for people to be employed. Pipelines provide job opportunities that will help to fulfill that need.

Enables Success for Airlines

Pipelines provide United States airports with reasonably priced jet fuel to keep their planes in the air. Affordable jet fuel will keep air travel accessible to the general public. Tourists and business travelers can positively contribute to the economy if they can travel freely.

Pipelines have a significant impact on the United States economy. They keep the cost of consumer goods down, provide job opportunities, and keep air travel easily accessible. Lynco Flange & Fitting provides pipelines with the resources they need to operate successfully and prevent interruptions in flow. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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