What are the Different Types of Flanges for Piping?

Every year, the nation’s 2.6 million miles of pipeline will transport an almost impossible to imagine amount of natural gas (trillions of cubic feet) and hundreds of billions of tons/miles of liquid petroleum. Each of these pipes has unique flanges, including industrial long weld neck flanges, that help makes delivery possible. Here’s a look at some of the most common of these connecting elements.

Common Flanges

The following flange types are among the most commonly utilized on the market today. Each has different benefits and uses that make them worth considering. They include:

  • Welding Neck Flange – This type can be welded to a pipe to handle high-pressure and high/low-temperature situations and serve as a standard option for many situations.
  • Long Weld Neck Flange – Industrial long weld neck flanges provide help with heavy barrel and equal barrel types on vessels, columns, and many more situations.
  • Slip-On Flange – This flange connects directly to a pipe with two fillet welds. They help to work with connecting pipes and are often used in tight areas due to their slim design.
  • Threaded Flange – Screw-on pipes go best with threaded flanges, as they can handle various types of pressure ratings. Mostly, they’re used in low-pressure and low-temperature situations.
  • Nipoflange – This flange is used for branch pipelines and connects at a 90-degree angle. It consists of a single solid piece of forged steel, which makes it incredibly strong.
  • Weldoflange – If a nipoflange isn’t right for your job, this type may work well for you. It consists of a weld neck flange and a connector forged out of a single piece of steel.
  • Elboflange – Also known as a swivel ring flange, this option helps to make it easier to align bolt holes between two mating flanges and works well in gas, water, and chemical settings.
  • Expanding and Reducing Flanges – These important flanges help to expand or reduce the bore of a pipe to make it fit into a variety of different situations, including on pumps and compressors.

So, whether you need industrial long weld neck flanges or a more specialized option, you should have no difficulty finding something that works for you. Please take a look at the different options here and give us a call at Lynco Flange & Fitting to get your project on the road to success!

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