6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Fitting Distributors

The United States has the largest number of oil pipelines in the world. As of 2020, there were 111 operational pipelines across the nation, transporting over 11.9 billion barrels of petroleum each year. The US also houses the largest number of gas pipelines, with over 135 active pipelines and 52 still under development.

Flanges are critical components in the pipeline infrastructure, interconnecting straight pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment. Sourcing for pipe system components such as sockolets, flanges, and nipolets, requires the identification of a reliable fitting distributor on your side.

Here are six costly errors you may need to avoid when picking fitting distributors for your pipeline projects.

1. Focusing on The Costs Alone

Budgeting remains one of the key pillars in oil pipeline constructions, with most engineers seeking ways to minimize their expenditure. While it is essential to find flange distributors that fit within your budget estimates, you should not ignore the quality of the products supplied. You may request an itemized invoice for the long weld necks that you require from different supplies and compare them. The standard, material, and machining technology used may influence the total pricing.

2. Picking Fitting Distributors with A Limited Range of Products

Oil and gas pipelines are complex systems with hundreds of different parts and fittings. A single line may have up to 10,000 components, ranging from flanges and gaskets to latrolets, couplets, and elbolets. You may need to find fitting distributors that stock all the parts you require for your oil pipeline project. Determine if the supplier can avail all the products that you require in the respective standards and sizes.

3. Overlooking Practical Applications

The oil and gas plant involves intricate connections that need to be carefully planned out. You may need to customize your flanges to fit your practical applications. Inquire if the distributor has custom machining capabilities that allow them to make modifications to stock items to fit your specific application. Production costs can be significantly slashed if the distributor has a clear understanding of the flange dimensions and their use.

4. Ignoring Quality Control

The high pressure and temperature environments found in oil and gas pipelines necessitate the use of quality pipe fittings to guarantee longevity. You may need to find flange distributors that have a working quality assurance department that verifies that the flanges supplied meet the desired standard. Inquire about the sourcing of the material used and the verification process for the products supplied.

5. Failing to Verify Delivery Options

Delivery of the blind pipe flanges and other weld fittings can impact the project schedule. You may need to find a flange distributor that can avail the components you require in time. Inquire about the delivery options. A short lead time and delivery can help you meet your deadlines. The pipe fittings supplier needs to have well-established communication channels that allow them to remain informed about the order fulfillment.

6. Not Considering the Quality of Service

There are several flange distributors that offer excellent quality products but fail to provide attentive service. You may need to find a supplier that offers personalized service and can deal with your requests quickly. Check if the selected supplier has good interpersonal skills and is responsive towards customer inquiries. The distributor also needs to have a clear understanding of the requirements for quotations, invoices, and other documentation.

Time to Get Reliable Flange Distributors for Your Oil Pipeline Projects

Choosing the right supplier for your pipeline projects can end up saving you time and money. You may need to do additional checking on the pipe fittings distributor before entrusting them with your work. Check on their reputation in the market and clients’ feedback about their support options, pricing structure, and product range. Make sure that they can provide high-quality fittings that meet your specific needs.

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