3 Tips for Choosing Industrial Pipe

Making the right industrial piping choices is essential to the success of your project and, more importantly, to the longevity of the piping solution. Titanium pipe fittings are a preferred option because of their durability. According to Gulf Coast Magazine, over the next five years, over 100 major piping projects on the Gulf Coast will require decision making about titanium pipe fittings and flanges. Here are some tips to help you make the right choices for your industrial piping.

1. Consider What Will Pass Through the Pipe

The first consideration to make is what type of substance will pass through the pipe and what it will take to move the substance safely. This is where titanium pipe fittings often come into play. Titanium is durable enough to stand up to any substance.

Choosing above-grade titanium pipe fittings errs on the side of caution. Even if what you are moving doesn’t require top-notch fittings, it is still a good investment. Protecting your pipeline is easier when you have fittings well-suited to any material.

2. Consider the Circumstances

It’s important that you give the operational circumstances some thought. These key factors to consider are flow rate, temperature, and pressure level. Consideration of these factors will direct you to the right components that can withstand the conditions in which your pipeline runs.

High-quality components will ensure that your pipeline is built to meet the specific requirements of your system. A high-pressure system with a high flow rate needs flanges and fittings to tolerate the pressure. Settling for less will compromise the system.

3. Consider Environmental Factors

It is important to not only consider what is flowing through your pipes but also the external environment of your pipes. For example, are the pipes set in humid conditions? Is the environment cold or hot? This information is critical to take into account.

Some materials are designed to stand up to the corrosive effects of the internal and external environment, while others are less tolerant of these conditions. Titanium pipe fittings are the type of component that can stand up to whatever the environment has to throw at it. They can even be used in saltwater environments.

Titanium pipe fittings from a trusted source are the easiest way to ensure your pipeline operates safely and efficiently. If you’re in need of high-quality pipe fittings, check out the selection at Lynco Flange & Fitting today.

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