How to Troubleshoot Common Issues With Steel Fittings

The best way to troubleshoot problems with steel fittings is to avoid them by working with trusted fitting distributors. The right fitting distributors will offer high-quality fittings that are designed to avoid some of the most common problems. Here is what you should do if you run into issues.

1. Thread Issues

Threads on a steel fitting may become stuck or difficult to turn. This occurs because of friction between the threads. It can also be due to poor craftsmanship. This may also happen because of installation problems like cross-threading. Trying to work a fitting free can cause even more damage.

Excessive tightening can be the culprit behind these issues. Using lubricant during installation can help avoid the problem and help to loosen the fitting for removal. Ensuring a proper fit is the key to avoiding thread galling. Check and recheck the size before you make a purchase.

2. Deformation Issues

Low-quality fittings are prone to corrosion, which can cause deformation. According to the Department of Commerce, the corrosion of pipelines costs about $9 billion (about $28 per person in the U.S.) annually. Of course, corrosion is not the only cause of deformation.

Fittings that are not designed to withstand severe temperatures often run into problems. Very cold or very hot temperature exposure can also cause fitting deformations. Using fittings that are made for specific temperature conditions is the best way to offset this problem. Remove the worn fitting and replace it with a new high-quality fitting.

3. Leakage Issues

One of the most common problems — and one of the most difficult problems to overcome — is fittings that leak. This can be a sign of an improper installation. It can also be related to damaged threads or corrosion.

To avoid this problem, choose high-quality fittings. The easiest way to stop the problem is to replace the fitting. Additionally, always follow the recommended torque during installation. Over-tightening or under-tightening can be a problem.

The right fittings are essential to avoid most of the common problems you will encounter. High-quality steel fittings that are built with a focus on durability and resilience are always the best option. A trusted provider will ensure you have the quality parts you can depend on. Contact Lynco Flange & fitting to order your fittings today.

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