Here's What to Know About Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting

One of the last things that you want to happen is for a client to call you and tell you that they are experiencing issues because the pipe fittings you used did not work for them. This can negatively affect your business’s reputation and upset your clients. This is why it is so important to know more about the products you use and how to determine if they are right for the project you are completing. Here is more information you should know about a carbon steel pipe fitting.

What Is It?

To select the right materials for your customers, you need to first understand what the materials are. Carbon steel is an alloy metal or a mixed metal. It is made from a combination of iron and steel. The product is resistant to both corrosion and oxidation. This is important, as most metals will rust, corrode or oxidize when wet or exposed to air. It also is less likely to break, bend or collapse due to pressure when compared to other metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

How Is It Used?

A carbon steel pipe fitting has many uses. Pipelines for the oil and natural gas industries, boiler and condenser tubing, and wastewater and sewage transport systems are some of the most common. They are also used to create construction scaffolding, strengthen building foundations, or for commercial or warehouse shelving.

What Should Be Considered When Purchasing Them?

Just because two products are labeled as carbon steel pipe fitting does not mean they are the same. The diameter and length of the pipe fittings can vary. So can the thickness of the pipe. The density of the metal as well as the grade of the metal are two additional factors to consider as you shop for pipes and pipe fittings.

If your company works on or installs pipes, it is important to select the materials that are best suited for the job being completed. A recent study found that pipeline corrosion costs the United States economy over $9 billion annually. Selecting the right material, such as carbon steel pipes and pipe fittings, that do not corrode, can prevent much of this damage. If you are looking to purchase a carbon steel pipe fitting, our company can help you find the ones ideal for the jobs you are completing. Call us to speak with an expert.

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