How to Choose and Use Olet Branch Connections

The United States has over 1,382,569 million miles of pipeline. They deliver billions of tons of liquid petroleum and trillions of tons of natural gas annually. Many businesses in the industrial sector rely on pipelines to effectively deliver products in an efficient manner. Having the right connections literally ensures your products reach their destinations safely and on time.

Are you looking for an alternative to standard pipe tees and reinforcement pads for your pipelines? Olet branch connections are the perfect self-reinforcing design solution that comes in various sizes and formats. There are different designs available that will fit any pipe shape or size while still giving many connection options that are long-lasting, solid connections.

Olets Are Ideal Branch Connections

Typically, branching pipes involve using a saddle-type pipe connection with and without reinforcement pads, an average piping tee, or an olet. Olets offer the exact same branching functionality as standard tees. However, olets are manufactured with a self-reinforcing design that uses less on-site fabrication, making them an ideal choice.

Many olet designs are fabricated for a 90-degree branch connection with specialty designs for use with 45-degree connections and elbow bends. A major reason for specialty designs is to provide a range of end connections for different connection methods. Olets do necessitate welding in order to be installed properly.

Different Types of Olet Designs Include

  • Sockolets
  • Weldolets
  • Thredolets
  • Elbolets
  • Latrolets
  • Nipolets
  • Insert Weldolets
  • Sweepolets

How to Choose the Best Branch Run Sizes and Connections

It is important to understand how to choose the best branch connection fitting. Be sure to keep run sizes in consideration and how fittings will integrate into your piping system. Branching connection fitting outlet sizes have been designed to fit many sizes of run pipes. Just make sure any modifications needed for proper olet installation don’t stray from critical engineering designs.

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