Weld Neck Flanges Explained

Steel flanges are a commonly used tool when it comes to piping of any sort. There is a range of different styles and types of flanges. Taking the time to learn about specific types might assist you in finding the flange that is going to work for you and for the job you have in mind.

What is a Weld Neck Flange?

Weld neck flanges are a type of flange that has a neck that has the ability to move the location of the pipe tension. The flange can help to reduce the overall pressure that gathers at the bottom of the flange to help reduce it. This type of flange has a hub and a tapered neck that is going to be easy to spot and identify.

The neck of the flange is meant to help offer shielding for high-pressure situations as well as for large temperature shifts from high to low. The neck passes through the wall thickness directly from the pipe.

Uses of a Weld Neck Flange

These flanges are most often used in high-pressure pipes or those that need the pressure to be distributed at the connection so that it does not bust or compromise the seam. This type of flange is one that is most often used for high pressure pipes, and you can get flanges with longer or shorter nozzles. This all depends on what you need it for and what the overall pressure is going to be.

Looking at an example, if you have a pipeline that is under 2,000 PSI, this pressure is rather high, so you would need to ensure that where you are joining sections of pipe together, the pressure does not build up and does not focus on that weak point. A weld neck flange or nozzle flange is going to help distribute that pressure and take it away from the joint so that it is less likely to burst and less likely to experience damage.

When choosing your pipe flange, it is always best to look at the different types of flanges that are out there and determine which flange is going to work best for your needs. These flanges are going to be widely varied and with careful inspection, you can find that flange fitting your job and your particular needs.

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