When Should You Use Nipolets?

Nipolets are a specialized fitting often seen in piping systems. These fittings are commonly used for drains and vents. Some companies use this fitting to connect smaller pipes with larger pipes. Certain situations instantly call for this type of fitting. Read on to learn if you should use a nipolet or other fitting.

Minimize Turbulence

As materials like gas and oil flood through pipes, they pick up speed. The fluid swirls around inside the pipe with increased turbulence, which can be dangerous for your piping system. According to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, more than 3,200 gas pipeline leaks have occurred nationwide since 1987. Reducing turbulence can help prevent those leaks by creating a smoother flow inside the pipes.

High-Pressure Pipes

High-pressure environments often call for nipolets. They are used to branch off the main pipes to create a vent. This is why nipolets are the most common type of pipe fitting used for venting. The smaller diameter at the end fits into the vent flawlessly to help relieve pressure, ensuring a seamless operating system.

Withstand Extreme Temperatures

High temperatures can be as dangerous for a pipeline as extreme pressure. The high temperatures can reduce the longevity of components, resulting in leaks and pipeline breakdowns. Many companies opt for venting solutions to help reduce the temperature inside the pipes to ensure the pipeline continues to operate smoothly. Specific types of pipeline fittings can help ensure there is a working vent to decrease the temperature.

Branching Pipes Off

Some industries call for large underground pipes. However, there are several situations where that large pipe winds up branching into several smaller pipes. A pipe fitting designed to connect larger and smaller pipes is necessary in this scenario. Nipolets are usually the choice for this application because they are specially designed to ensure the network of pipes is flawlessly connected.

Fit Into Small Spaces

Nipolets are an exceptional choice for small spaces. They can quickly help you connect pipes to create a network, or you can use them to connect larger pipes to smaller ones. The impressive design ensures a flawless transition with low turbulence and pressure, which is necessary in many buildings.

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