Industrial long weld neck flanges

Common Uses for Industrial Long Weld Neck Flanges

Weld neck flanges are used extensively for pipes in all kinds of systems. However, when pipes are transporting high-temperature or high-pressure fluids, or fluids that fluctuate in temperature, industrial long weld neck flanges are considered the better option. This is especially true in the oil and gas industry. Why Choose Long Weld Neck Flanges? Industrial […]

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Forged Steel Fittings

Are Forged Steel Fittings Better than Cast Fittings?

Cast or forged steel fittings is a very common question. The truth is that the question of which is better largely depends on what the components are being used for. Cast and forged steel fittings have multiple similarities, as both require steel to be heated until it becomes malleable, both often have surface treatments applied […]

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Industrial long weld neck flanges

What are the Different Types of Flanges for Piping?

Every year, the nation’s 2.6 million miles of pipeline will transport an almost impossible to imagine amount of natural gas (trillions of cubic feet) and hundreds of billions of tons/miles of liquid petroleum. Each of these pipes has unique flanges, including industrial long weld neck flanges, that help makes delivery possible. Here’s a look at […]

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flange distributor

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Fitting Distributors

The United States has the largest number of oil pipelines in the world. As of 2020, there were 111 operational pipelines across the nation, transporting over 11.9 billion barrels of petroleum each year. The US also houses the largest number of gas pipelines, with over 135 active pipelines and 52 still under development. Flanges are […]

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How to Choose and Use Olet Branch Connections

The United States has over 1,382,569 million miles of pipeline. They deliver billions of tons of liquid petroleum and trillions of tons of natural gas annually. Many businesses in the industrial sector rely on pipelines to effectively deliver products in an efficient manner. Having the right connections literally ensures your products reach their destinations safely […]

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pipe flanges

Top Benefits of Pipe Flanges

Pipelines keep things moving for many different industries. What happens when pipelines are not able to transfer resources as they should? The breakdown for the transit of many resources would look something like the following: it would take a line of 750 tanker trucks constantly being loaded and moved every 2 minutes, 24/7, to move […]

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carbon steel pipe fitting

4 Differences Between Carbon Steel Piping and Black Steel Piping

There are several differences between carbon steel piping and black steel piping. These differences also account for why these pipes are used for different applications. Susceptibility to Erosion One of the main differences between carbon steel and black steel is that carbon steel piping and carbon steel pipe fitting are susceptible to corrosion. Black steel […]

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forged steel fittings

Frequently Asked Questions About Forging

Metal can be manipulated and formed into different shapes using various techniques like welding, casting, and forging. While each method offers its own unique benefits, forging produces better results than other methods. That said, before you contact fitting distributors, here are frequently asked questions you may have about forging. What is Forging? Forging is a […]

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blank off pipe ends

Blank Off Pipe Ends with Blind Flanges

An oil and gas plant is a complex industrial marvel with thousands of miles of running pipes interconnected through vital fittings. Each piping system may contain hundreds of components, including straight lines, elbows, flanges, gaskets, flow meters, pressure taps, thermowells, and much more. Flanges are a critical part of the pipeline infrastructure, making them the […]

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