Top Benefits of Pipe Flanges

Pipelines keep things moving for many different industries. What happens when pipelines are not able to transfer resources as they should? The breakdown for the transit of many resources would look something like the following: it would take a line of 750 tanker trucks constantly being loaded and moved every 2 minutes, 24/7, to move even the modest amount one pipeline can move.

A big part of keeping those pipelines fully functional and connected as a piping system is pipe flanges. The companies that sell them and offer guidance throughout the entire process will also ensure you get great products at the right price. Below are the top benefits of using pipe flanges.

Flanges Provide Better Flexibility

Chances are you have pipelines in some hard-to-reach areas. You need more flexibility in those locations without the need for adapters. Flanges keep you from using adapters in pipes while providing much-needed flexibility.

They Fit Well in Tight Spaces

Many pipelines deal with tight spaces. Traditional flange fittings are easy to assemble in areas where a wrench does not have clearance. They are simply assembled with moderate torque, making them easier to fit in tight spaces.

Flanges Provide Easy Maintenance

A connection using flanges makes maintenance much easier. This is particularly true for rigid lines in continuous pipes and metal tubes. Flanges also afford easy disconnecting, reconnecting, and zero-clearance assembly for better maintenance of manifold, tube, and hose connections.

Flange Connections and Fittings Aren’t Likely to Loosen

When compared with standard hydraulic fittings, flange connections and fittings are less prone to loosening. They also decrease the likelihood that other components become loose during demanding hydraulic applications. Instead, they provide a better load distribution by effectively clamping around a flange head.

They Are More Robust Than Traditional Hydraulic Fittings

Pipe connections with vibrations, high pressure, or shock pressures are easily damaged when using traditional hydraulic fittings. Flange connections, on the other hand, are a great option for pipe ends and bends. Pipeline bends subjected to high lateral forces may experience loosening of the assembly without the use of flanges.

Pipe flanges can be very beneficial for the piping industry. If you are in need of any flanges, call Lynco Flange & Fitting today!

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